Those (Writing) Games We Play

by Heather Kelly, Founder, The Writers’ Loft

As writers, it can be hard to take ourselves seriously. We write during the in-between times—when the house is quiet because no one else is awake, before and after our day job, and in the car waiting for a child to finish their school day. It can feel like writing is an aside, the first thing to ditch when real life rears its ugly head.

Taking our writing—and ourselves—seriously is the most important step toward success.

But how?

By doing something that might seem counterintuitive.

We drive more effectively toward our goal, and take ourselves more seriously, when we treat our writing like it’s a game. Continue reading

Friends Don’t Let Friends Write Alone

by Heather Kelly, Founder, The Writers’ Loft

THERE’S A TON OF WRITING ADVICE out there. In fact, I feel fairly confident that you can go and Google whatever information you need to get your writing career to the next level.
Heather KellyBut is that enough? Is information in a vacuum what you truly need?

The truth, for me, is that even with all the information in all the writing books in the world (I’ve read a ton) and all the webinars on writing and marketing online (there’s some stellar stuff out there), I wouldn’t survive the writing and publication industry by myself.

I need community. I think you might, too.

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