“The Poet X” by Elizabeth Acevedo: A Discussion Guide for Writers


Discussion questions prepared by Kelly Carey

In Elizabeth Acevedo’s young adult novel in verse, The Poet X, Xiomara is struggling to find her voice in her home, in school, and in a community that offers up shame, guilt, and punishment in heavy doses.

The Poet X.png

By studying Acevedo’s novel, writers can recognize that a main character’s name, physical description, and siblings can serve as key components in a story. Acevedo’s novel can be used to explore how the shape and phrasing of words can allow for breath and pause in a story that can convey emotion and tension. Acevedo’s work is also an excellent mentor text on how to use a supporting cast of characters to guide a main character to a solution without allowing the supporting characters to become the solution.

Use the discussion questions on your own or with a book group to investigate The Poet X.As you consider each question, take note of how your own manuscripts apply Acevedo’s methods.

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