“Amal Unbound” by Aisha Saeed: A Discussion Guide for Writers

Discussion questions prepared by Kelly Carey

Amal.pngIn Aisha Saeed’s middle grade novel Amal Unbound, readers are introduced to Amal, a young Pakistani girl whose life is changed when she is forced into indentured servitude. Saeed’s novel gently introduces Pakistani cultural by allowing readers to nibble on common threads of friendship and family while still exploring the struggle girls and women face to be valued, educated, and respected in a patriarchal society. By studying Saeed’s novel, writers can examine how to present a culture without allowing the characters that populate that society to be in awe of their own surrounding and circumstances, how to use setting, plot and pacing to add emotion and readability to a story, how to use secondary characters to present differing views, and how to use sentence and paragraph structure to amplify voice. Continue reading

These Songs Tell A Story!

by Dave Pasquantonio

Writing flash fiction is a fun challenge. How do you tell a complete story in a few hundred words while layering in theme, emotion, and memorable characters?

If you need some inspiration, then break out your old vinyl records!

Classic rock from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s is full of narrative songs—tracks with sharp characters, raw emotion, and unforgettable storylines. In this post, I examine one such song to see what we can learn from the lyrics. Continue reading

Common Writing Missteps (And How To Overcome Them)

by Dave Pasquantonio

Authors (and Loft board members) Erin Dionne and Anna Staniszewski know a lot about writing. They’re published authors—and they’re creative writing teachers. In their recent Loft craft chat, “What We’ve Learned from Teaching Writing,” Erin and Anna talked about how their writing has strengthened their teaching careers, and how their careers have strengthened their writing.

They also talked craft. They’ve seen a lot of good writing from their students—and they’ve also seen the same issues crop up time and again.

Here are some common writing missteps that Erin and Anna discussed during their presentation, along with some strategies for overcoming them. Continue reading